32nd Annual PAPJA Convention

January 25-26, 2019

DAY 1 - SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia
DAY 2 - National University, Manila

Registration & Guidelines

    1. We would like to request an invitation.
    2. Registration guidelines?
    3. What is the process for securing a slot?
    4. Can graduates attend?
      • No. This event is limited to undergraduate students of Psychology (or other related fields of study).
    5. Are the slots per school limited?
      • No, but the amount of tickets are limited. So long as tickets are available, slots may be reserved.
    6. Why is the registration closed even before the registration deadline is reached?
      • This means that all of the tickets have been sold out.
    7. I put the wrong email for email reference 
      • If ever you put a different email as your email reference, kindly send us an email at [email protected] stating this. Include in your message your ticket code and the correct email reference you want to use.
    8. Can I change my password/username/email reference?
      • Your username and password cannot be changed. Please be careful when inputting your password. Some devices auto-capitalize the first letters of your password.
    9. CHED Endorsement?
    10. Can you send me a soft copy of the certificate? We weren't able to get it and we badly need it for our practicum. Thank you.

Tickets & Payment

    1. Payment procedures?
      • The options for payment are either Paypal or Dragonpay. Each procedure will have their own set of instructions that will be shown as you decide on a payment option. Please go to this link for further instructions: http://www.papja.org.ph/papja-convention/purchase/
    2. Are refunds accepted?
      • Tickets are non-refundable, however you may pass them on to others who wish to attend the event.
    3. Can I reserve tickets before I pay?
      • No, you may not reserve tickets before you pay.
    4. I did not receive any confirmation email after paying through Paypal.
      • Please check your Spam folder for an email. If there is still no email within the day, please send us an email at [email protected] with proof of your payment.
    5. Is it possible to know how many tickets are left for sale?
      • No. Ticket are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    6. Why haven't we received our ticket codes yet even though we finished paying online?
      • If this happens, you will receive your ticket codes within 2 days after you've completed your payment.
    7. What do I do if I have not paid before the deadline? (for DragonPay transactions)
    8. When will I receive my ticket codes?
      • Your ticket code/s will be sent via email once the payment is successfully accomplished.
      • If you haven't received your code/s within 2 days after you've completed your payment, either check it in your Spam folder or email us at [email protected]
    9. How, when, and where will I get my physical tickets/kits?
      • Physical tickets or kits may be claimed either at the PAP office or during the event itself.
      • Please bring your valid school or government ID along with your proof of payment. They may be claimed only after payment has been accomplished.
      • The address of the PAP office is Room 208, 2/F of the Philippine Social Science Center (PSSC) in Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.


    1. When will workshops be available?
    2. Can I change my workshop after I've registered?
      • Yes. Log in to your account using this link and click the delist button (appears only if you are in a workshop). After doing so, enlist in your prefered workshop.
    3. "User not found" / "Code used" / "Invalid password" / "Can't log in" / "Code cannot be used"
      • If you are experiencing this problem after trying to create an account, go to this link and log in using the username and password that you entered in the registration page.
      • If this does not work, check if the people you bought tickets with used the code. If they didn't use that code, please email us at [email protected]
    4. How to enlist in a workshop?
    5. What do I do if my workshop has been dissolved?
      • You will be delisted from your previous workshop and you are given the opportunity to enlist in another workshop.

Event Proper

    1. What to bring for the event itself?
      • Kindly bring a valid school or government ID together with your event tickets. Please also bring proof of your payment and your ticket codes in case it is asked by the organizers.
    2. What is the dress code for the event?
      • The dress code for the event is casual.
      • The following articles of clothing are not allowed: shorts, tattered jeans, slippers/sandals, revealing clothes.
    3. What do I do if workshop enlistment has closed and I wasn't able to enlist in a workshop?
      • Please make sure you are enlisted in a workshop before the deadline. Please wait for further announcements in case of free-for-all enlistments. Further announcements will be posted on http://www.papja.org.ph/announcement/.
    4. Can you send the details of the time and schedule of the event? / Program flow
      • Event details and program flow are included in the physical kit.
    5. What is the venue for Day 1 and Day 2?
      • The venue for Day 1 will be SMX Convention, Mall of Asia.
      • The venue for Day 2 will be National University, Manila.

Contests (General)

    1. Criteria for all contests? (ex: when contests will open)
    2. Confirmation of contest submission
      • An email will be automatically sent to the applicant after the contest submission. If you haven’t received any emails, please send us an email.
    3. "Our file is too big to be uploaded. What to do?"
      • If your file is too big to be uploaded directly on the website, try to upload a compressed zip/rar file of your files instead.
      • If the above does not work, email us ([email protected]) your submission with complete details similar to the details asked from the site. Do not forget to attach your files.
      • Please use the following as an email subject: [CONTEST NAME HERE] - [SCHOOL NAME HERE] Entry
    4. Can there be an extension?
    5. Did our contest entry qualify?
      • You will receive an email if your entry was accepted as a finalist (does not apply for the PAPJA Quiz Competition).
      • For the PAPJA Quiz Competition, the elimination round will happen on Day 1 of the PAPJA convention for all qualified teams.
      • NOTE: No other updates on contest qualifications will be given aside from those mentioned above.
    6. Is it required that a coach is a faculty member?
      • Yes. A co-organization member or classmate cannot act as a coach.
    7. When is the deadline for entries?