32nd Annual PAPJA Convention

January 25-26, 2019

DAY 1 - SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia
DAY 2 - National University, Manila



A Dance Competition for Psychology Majors


General Guidelines:

  1. Open to groups of bona fide Psychology undergraduate students enrolled for the 2nd semester/term AY 2018-2019.
  2. Minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 members in groups.
  3. Only one (1) group may represent each school.
  4. Each routine shall have a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes (Note that time of the performance will start with the first audible sound and ends with last audible sound and a 5 point deduction will be given to those who do not comply with routine length).
  5. Groups are required to use a performance piece / remix with a minimum of three (3) songs.

Requirements to Join the ELIMINATION-AUDITION ROUND:

  1. A video of the group’s dance routine based on the following requisites:
  2. a. The video should be uploaded in any valid youtube account.
    b. The video should be at least available in 720 pixels.
    c. The recorded dance routine in the video should be in the FRONT VIEW ONLY.
    d. Editing of videos is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Edited videos will automatically DISQUALIFY the group. Only the audio or music may be placed over the video for clearer and better audio.
  3. Each group must accomplish the the Transcendance Submission Form in the PAPJA website (papja.org.ph/papja-convention/contests/transcendance/). Please attach a .zip (compressed file) of the school IDs or any proof of enrollment for A.Y. 2018-2019 of each member of the dance group.
  4. Accomplished Transcendance Submission Form (with Youtube URL of Video) should be sent in the PAPJA Website until December 14, 2018.
*Note: Requirements submitted after the deadline (December 14, 2018) shall be subject for approval by the Transcendance Committee for inclusion in the elimination-audition round. There won’t be any live auditions, the chosen judges will have access of the videos online for judging.  

Mechanics for the FINAL Competition (January 25, 2019):

  1. For the Finalists:
  2. a. PAPJA's Transcendance committee will be contacting the finalists via the contact details that were provided through the registration form, as soon as the judges have decided on the list of finalists.
    b. Members of the finalist groups are supposed to register as delegates to the convention. Unregistered members will be disqualified from the competition.
  3. For the Members of the Dance Troupe:
  4. a. The official participants/members of the dance troupe who qualified for the finals shall only be the student members of the group who are in the video submitted during the elimination-audition round.
    b. In the event that a member needs to be changed or replaced for the competition proper due to unforeseen/emergency circumstances, the participating school needs to submit to PAPJA the name of the individual/s who would replace the participant/s with an endorsement from the Psychology Department’s Program chair and photo of the student’s ID & registration form.
  5. For the Music:
  6. a. Finalists must submit their final material, in MP3 format, via email ([email protected]) with the subject heading: “Transcendance 2019 Finalist – School Name”, a week before the convention (January 25 to January 26, 2019). Groups who fail to submit their music will automatically get a 3 point deduction.
    b. Changes in music will not be entertained after the said deadline (January 18, 2019).
    c. No audio files will be accepted on the day of the competition.
    d. Only one (1) representative of the dance troupe is allowed in the control booth during performance. Representative must not be part of the performing team.
  7. For Attire and Props:
  8. a. Groups should wear clothing reflecting the character and style of the performance. This may include accessories such as hats, caps, gloves, scarves, jewelry and other forms of theatrical dress. However, bead necklaces, braces or other accessories made of beads are prohibited.
    b. Taking off pieces of clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of character.
    c. Props may be allowed in the performance as long as it doesn’t destroy the stage set-up or flooring or those that may harm other groups’ performance (e.g. hand props or head gear)
    d. Body oils, body paints, body and hair glitters AND ANY OTHER substance applied to the body that may affect the clean dry surface of the stage and the safety of fellow competitors ARE PROHIBITED.
    e. All footwear must have clean, non-scuff soles (street shoes, heels are not acceptable).
  9. For the Day of the Performance:
  10. a. On the day of the convention (January 25, 2019), groups who are qualified in the finals will draw lots to determine the sequence of performances. Drawn spots are final, no changes will be entertained.
    b. Each group will be given 7 minutes each to practice on the day of their competition using the stage area during the lunch break.
    c. Rehearsals will be allowed before or after such time in a venue that would not disrupt the ongoing convention proper.
    d. All groups should report to the contest coordinators upon entrance to the venue.
    e. All participants are required to bring and show their school ID.
  11. There will be corresponding deductions for violation of the aforementioned guidelines.
  List of actions during the performance that will correspond to appropriate deductions:
  1. Clothing tossed into the audience
  2. Routine length (over or under limit)
  3. Inappropriate costume
  4. Music containing improper language and lyrics
  5. Lewd gestures or movements
  6. Pre-performance display beyond 20 seconds time limit
  7. Use of props that may damage the stage or floor or may affect other groups’ performance
  8. Falls, trips and/or stumbles
* Note that there may be other actions that may have corresponding deductions, which will be based upon the given rules/guidelines.  

Choreography Artistry of Movement Patterns, Formation, Smooth Transitions, Appropriateness of Movement. 30
Variety and Repetition The ability of the group to perform a broad selection of complex moves from the chosen style/s without excessive use of the same move or patterns. 15
Spacing/Formations/Patterns The group must demonstrate awareness of spacing between the members and full utilization of the stage while forming a range of unique, complicated and challenging formations, interactive partner moves and patterns. 15
Musicality Timing and music usage and the group’s ability to perform simultaneously to the music. 20
Showmanship Confidence, Projection and Presence. 10
Execution/Technical Merit The judges will evaluate the style of movements in the routine and the execution of the styles. The judges will consider the quality of movement throughout the routine, including arm, leg and body placement and synchronization of the group members. The routine contains dynamic movements from beginning to end and contains minimal pauses and poses. 30
Costume Attractiveness and appropriateness of costume to music. 10
Dec 14 Deadline for submission of entires
Dec 15 Initial screening of entries
Dec 21 Viewing and assessment of judges
Jan 7 Announcement of finalists
Jan 25 Performance day of finalists and announcement of winners

Registration Form

Note: Submission is only for the Elimination Round. Finalists will be selected and contacted for further requirements.